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5 STAR REVIEW : Completely Satisfied With Service Performed !Hans D., San Tan Valley, AZ
5 STAR REVIEW : Everything Was Great – Loved The Detail Of Service. Thank You.Cheryl K., Queen Creek, AZ
5 STAR REVIEW : Thorough, Friendly And Efficient. Would Highly Recommend Scorpion King!Wendy L., Queen Creek, AZ
5 STAR REVIEW : Amazing Service As Always! I Am Pregnant And Expecting A Baby In July. I Have Been So Stressed Out About My Scorpion Problem But Eric And Barbara Saved The Day! I Am So Happy To Say After Only 2 Months Of Service With Them My Problem Is Under Control! I Finally Feel Like I Can Focus On Myself And Bringing This Baby Into The World Rather Than Worry About Scorpions. This Is All Thanks To Scorpion King! I Highly Recommend Them And Believe Me I’ve Been Through A Few Other Companies. They Are The Only Ones Who Actually Made A Difference. You Will Not Find Better Service! Thank You Eric And Barbara!PestRoutes Reviewer
Very happy with service. Barbara & Eric has gone above and beyond, being very receptive to our needs in changing or adding services for us. Highly recommend! Cheryl F., Queen Creek, AZ
Eric and his wife are the best! Amazing prices and even better work! They are passionate about what they do. One time my daughter had a weird bit on her leg and and both of them truly cared and helped us decide what we need to do next for her. She was fine but the next time Eric came to the house he asked to see her to see if she was ok and that really meant a lot that he cared about my kiddo.Candace R., Queen Creek, AZ
Eric and Barbara have been excellent about informing us of all needed services. We were able to meet with Eric and he proudly explained how and why he applies the sprays and topicals needed to keep us pest free. They are very honest and trustworthy. They have made us feel comfortable about everything we have asked and have made accommodations for us. I would most definitely recommend this family owned business to anyone looking for a great exterminator.Kym N.
They showed up on time. Talked to us about our concerns and what we wanted. Gave us a great price and did a thorough job. Get rid of your scorpions … get Scorpion King Exterminating!Sherri F., Mesa, AZ
I have used many different exterminator through the years and this is the only exterminator that has worked. I no longer have seen any bugs or scorpions. I recommend Scorpion King to others. Good price for the service.LC, Chandler, AZ
I recently purchased my first investment property in Queen Creek Arizona. Nobody told me anything about the scorpion infestation. I’m from Florida, we don’t have scorpions. I had no idea who to call so I called a few places. We’ve all heard the old adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say” so I’m not going to mention the other 2 services. From the moment they answered the phone Scorpion King Exterminating was an absolute pleasure to do business with. Barbara was very friendly and professional and Eric the fearless owner came out personally to kick some scorpion ass. He was very thorough and competent. He took his time explaining things to me as he went along and answered all of my questions. He set me up with a 3 zone system at a fair monthly price and I haven’t seen another scorpion since. Thank you Scorpion King Exterminating! Vinny D., Queen Creek, AZ
Eric and Barbara always go above and beyond just the regular service! With them you get the attention to detail and great customer service you would expect from a family owned business! I’m so glad I ditched the big corporate companies in favor of this one! I would highly recommend them for all your pest control needsSo Nu Wa S., Queen Creek, AZ
Great people from start to finish. The receptionist Barbara was very knowledgeable and was on the phone with me answering questions for a good 30-45 minutes. When Eric came out to my house he explained exactly what he was going to do. He was very courteous and professional. They have great rates, and top notch service. Thank you guys!! If I am ever in need or know someone who is, Scorpion King Exterminating will be the first thing out of my mouth. Ryan L., Coolidge, AZ
I’ve had Scorpion King protect my home for over 2 years with exceptional results. The service folks have been extremely competent and very respectful of my home and pets and the office staff is top notch. BUT the most important part is NO scorpions! I HIGHLY recommend Scorpion King for your insect pest and scorpion needs!!Eric W., Queen Creek, AZ
Eric and Barbara are amazing. They really care about their customers. They have spent countless hours consulting me on my scorpion problem. Great service at a fair price. I am very happy with their service thus far and highly recommend!Nicole G., Queen Creek, AZ
Eric and Barbara care about their clients! They are honest and excellent at what they do. Eric cleared out a nasty infestation of crickets and scorpions from our property when we moved in after people who chose not to spray. They left this amazing property to the bugs! Yuck. Eric cleared that all up and Barbara gives us the best service and answers our inquiries right away!Amy H., Queen Creek, AZ
Love, love, love Eric and his wife. They are very professional, honest, and friendly. They are the first company that has solved our scorpion problem. We usually have anywhere between 5-10 scorpions inside the house when it warms up and since they treated our scorpion issues, we have had none! Highly recommend this company. They deliver on their promises.Cam Linh B., Gilbert, AZ
out of desperation I posted something on Next Door about some gnats that I have been experiencing in my new home in San Tan something I have never had in the Valley in Mesa. Barbara mentioned they could be flies and to call them if I am not able to get rid of them. I did so and Eric stopped by that day that afternoon Saturday on his birthday! He identified my problem to be some terrible Phorid Fly more a nausiuance really. But was quick to repsond and came to the house three times to provide treatment to make sure the problem was solved. I cannot stress enough how easy to deal with and amazing his knowledge. Hands down the best service ever. We will continue to use them on the monthly sprayfor house as I cannot get better service anywhere else.Christine V., Queen Creek, AZ
Hi we purchased a home in Queen Creek and had a scorpion problem…We called Scorpion King Exterminating and am so glad we did.It is a family based business with 2 of the most pleasant people I ever met in a business.. So courteous and knowledgeable of what they do. They took care of my scorpion problem without any hassle. I am giving them 5 stars for their service ane would definitely recommend Scorpion King…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Vera C., Queen Creek, AZ
I love this company so much not only are they thurl in their job, but when they say they will be there, they are always on time. Im happy to see people stil take pride in what they do. I highly recommend Scorpian King Exterminating for all your pest needs!Nick T., Coolidge, AZ
From my initial call into Scorpion King Exterminating, I was greeted with superior customer service from the office staff. They were able to fit me into their schedule at last minute. When the technician arrived at my home, he was very professional and knowledgeable. There were issues with some things in my home that he took note of and brought them to my attention. This was by far the best experience I have ever had with an exterminator and I will continue to use them and would recommend them to anyone looking for an exterminator in the area.Tiffany R., San Tan Valley, AZ
My wife and I have been so delighted with the service! Eric provides us with informative explanations, as necessary, and Barbara always gives us a reminder text the day before the monthly service call. They are a perfect duo. They are both class acts and we really appreciate their service. Thanks again Barbara & Eric ๐Ÿ˜‰Michael C., Phoenix, AZ
Ben using Scorpion King ever since we moved to Az and I AM NOT thinking about changing . THEY ARE GREAT !!!! Always on time , changed their schedule to meet mine til I got a keypad for he garage . The best part NO BUGS and/or Scorpions . Choose Scorpion King ! You won’t be sorry. Thanks Barbara and Eric for conducting your business the way you do.Dennis B., San Tan Valley, AZ
You can’t go wrong with Scorpion king. Very knowledgeable and not out for quick cash grabs. We had a big problem with scorpions and a small issue with roaches. Scorpion King pointed me in a more cost effective, “do it yourself” treatment to kill the roaches and it has been working!! They could have charged me hundreds more than I needed to spend to have them do it but they didn’t. They used their poison process for the scorpions and the rest of the bugs and we have not had any issue since. We will be customers for as long as we live in AZ.Nathaniel C., San Tan Valley, AZ
Kind, Honest very informative! Eric knows what he is doing, and their prices are very reasonable. Barbara at the office was kind when I called in desperation I had found a scorpion. I rend and will be moving in a couple of months and she took 10% off the one-time service for me. I love their 3 Zone system. I feel safer with my kids playing outside and crawling around the house. I plan on using them monthly once I get in my new home. They told me to use their new office number 480-750-3082 the 900 phone number is not longer. Great people – great company!Sandra K., Queen Creek, AZ
I have used Scorpion King for over 6 months now and I couldn’t be more impressed! Their customer service is always above and beyond expectations. Not to mention my house is pest free! Everyone at Scorpion King is knowledgable in their business and always willing to help out. Thank you!Annamarie F., Mesa, AZ
Had rescued a new dog; and after having him for 7 weeks, I had a strong suspicion that he brought a bunch of fleas with him. I panicked, to say the least. I researched exterminators on the net, made several calls for information, and I am so happy to say that when I contacted Scorpion King, I had the extreme pleasure of talking to Barbara, Eric’s wife. Since I never even saw a flea, I didn’t even know if that was the problem I had. So Barbara advised that Eric would come to my home for a free evaluation of my home and the possible infestation of fleas.
Eric came on time and even called shortly before arriving. He stayed, investigated my home and dog, and spoke to me for an hour. He ultimately advised me that neither my dog nor my home had fleas. I was wrong and he assured me that I had nothing to worry about. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with his extreme honesty!!!! What an amazing business man!!! The least I could do to show my appreciation to Eric and Barbara is to proclaim the admirable honesty of these 2 people to the world. I now trust them implicitly and would recommend their service to anyone!!! No one could do better than SCORPION KING EXTERMINATING!!!!!! THEY ARE THE BESTEST!!!! Gina G., Chandler, AZ
This is the rare review that I look for. The kind of businesses that are worth finding. And a review like this is GOLD. Thank you for sharing your experience!!! I love working with honest people and businesses. #Sovaluable Marie Sheshe K., Mesa, AZ
I can’t recommend Eric and Barbara of Scorpion King enough! I am new to AZ, and new to dealing with the types of pests that exist in the desert. Within a week of moving to Casa Grande I found some unwelcome visitors in my backyard – bark scorpions. I feel very fortunate to have found this company – Barbara was great to talk with on the phone – she reassured me and explained everything you need to know about dealing with this nasty critter, and then some! Within a couple days they came down to Casa Grande to assess my property. Eric and Barbara both came to my house – the nicest, friendliest people I have met in a long time! They walked around my property and helped me to understand the scorpion, habitat, and behavior, where they like to hide, etc., their knowledge is staggering! Next, they explained the 3 zone targeted process they use to combat – both the scorpions, and the insects that scorpions feed on. This service is bar none – the most professional, knowledgeable , prompt, and courteous service out there! Thanks Eric and Barbara for setting my mind at ease – and letting me enjoy my backyard again!!Roni C., Maricopa, AZ
Being new to Arizona, when I saw my first scorpion I freaked out. I called Scorpion King on a Saturday morning and by Saturday afternoon Eric was at our house spraying. He took care of our scorpions and made sure to explain everything in a way we could understand. He also noticed a termite problem and promptly informed us even though he wasn’t able to fix it. We were able to hire someone to take care of and eliminate the problem immediately. Eric is always honest, consistent and reliable and I highly recommend him.Megan N., San Tan Valley, AZ
Very happy with there monthly service , Eric takes very much pride in his work. Would definitely recommend Barbara and Eric , owners of scorpion King exterminationJohn, San Tan Valley, AZ
Great family owned and run business. Honest reliable trustworthy service by some really good people.Dave S., Florence, AZ
I’ve been using Scorpion King Exterminating for a long time. And I don’t to worry about bugs for the whole year great customer service and Eric knows what he’s doing.Jake G., Gilbert, AZ
Great family company! Honest, reasonable prices and I like the three zone system for the price ! I love the fact that they are owner/operator Eric does all the work himself and I get his 30 plus years experience! I have tried the large guys before and you never know who you get spraying.Carey N., Gilbert, AZ
Fantastic company. I moved to AZ a year ago and of course new nothing about exterminators or scorpions. I did some research and called several companies and always felt like I was getting a little bit of BS. My last place was Scorpion King, I talked to Barbra and she explained things that made sense and no contract and made me feel at ease. I wasn’t there yet we were moving in and Eric went out to the house and did a walk through with me on the phone because I was still in MN. explained what he saw and recommended a treatment plan. I have been using them ever since. there are people that will advertise low cost monthly service and I know many who signed up, but they are always seeing pest, I have never seen one since we moved in and we are in an old orange grove. Best place in town!Blake C., Queen Creek, AZ
I want to thank Barbara Nussbaum and Eric Godinez, for the service they provided to me on my scorpion problem. Two years ago, I had over 30 scorpions in my house, I was even stung while in bed. I have Parkinson’s Disease and the sting interacted with my disease, I almost ended up in the hospital, it would be worse on me if I was stung again. I am elderly with my six year old grandson, living with me, so concerned for him. After two years, I have been finding scorpions, everyday, I knew I could not go through this again.
Thankfully my daughter, took care of payment, since I only live on Social Security. She contacted Scorpion King after talking to several other companies, Barbara, was willing to work with my daughter, and put her at ease, also. I am so, so happy how friendly, and trustworthy this company has been with me and my daughter.
Eric even gave my dogs, dog bones, when I put the dogs in my car, to get them out of the house during the exterminating process.
Please, if anyone is looking for pest control call the best in the county, call Barbara at 480-750-3082!Claudia L., Scottsdale, AZ
Very nice and honest people and excellent service! I feel safe knowing he used the 3 zone service.Michelle M., Queen Creek, AZ
Great, Honest and always on time. I had a bad scorpion problem and after a few visits, I haven’t seen one yet. I talked to the owner about the spray he uses and he does a great three zone system. Awesome company! Will recommend!Trey M., Queen Creek, AZ
Eric and his wife are awesome great service and very friendly and very honest would recommend this company to anyone who needs exterminating.Keith E., Gilbert, AZ


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