Ticks are referred to as inspects, but they are in the spider family (aracnids). Because ticks feed on blood, they can transmit disease from animal host to animal host, which makes them a health concern. Tick-borne diseases are rare in Arizona, but they can be serious. Different types of ticks transmit different diseases. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) is the most common tick-borne disease in Arizona, although there are usually less than a dozen cases per year. In Arizona, the brown dog tick, can be a “vector,” carrying the disease from host to host. The brown dog tick is found worldwide. It has adapted to living both indoors and out, so it can survive cold climates by staying inside a house. Its principal hosts are dogs, but if there is an extreme overpopulation of the tick they can also feed on humans. Control of ticks on pets and in the local environment is the best prevention for Rocky Mountain Fever. The Rocky Mountain wood tick can also transmit RMSF. This tick is found only in the very northern part of Arizona.

Treatment outdoors: Power spray areas monthly. Infestations would need additional services after first treatment to control the ticks.
Treatment Indoors: Specification of the product label.

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