Springtails are very small jumping insects that congregate in large numbers in damp areas of your home and yard. Springtails are tiny insects. Their size ranges from 0.25 to 6 mm. They get their name from a spring-loaded structure, called the furcula, located on the underside of their abdomen. When the insect is disturbed, the furcula is released causing the insect to be flung into the air. One jump can cover 10 centimeters. They sometimes enter homes under door thresholds. When they get inside, they go to humid areas. Rooms that offer the needed moisture often are basements, kitchens and bathrooms. They also find areas where there has been moisture damage. Springtails have been found inside walls where a pipe has been leaking. They have also been found in furniture that has become wet and mildewed. Overwatered potted plants and planter boxes, flower beds, are also places where springtails live

Springtails do not bite or sting people. They do not damage buildings or the contents. They develop quickly. It is common to find springtails in very large numbers. The fact that there can be thousands of jumping insects in an area can be very upsetting to homeowners.

Treatment:  We would come and inspect your property, note leaks, high moisture areas, run-offs.  We will treat the areas where there are numbers of springtails found, but initially they will migrate somewhere else if there is no moisture or conducive areas for them to thrive.

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