Most earwigs are nocturnal and inhabit small crevices, living in small amounts of debris, in various forms such as bark and fallen logs. Species have been found to be blind and living in caves. Food typically consist of a wide array of living and dead plant and animal matter. For protection from predators, the species of earwigs can squirt foul-smelling yellow liquid in the form of jets from scent glands on the dorsal side of the third and fourth abdominal segment. It aims the discharges by revolving the abdomen, a maneuver that enables it simultaneously to use its pincers in defense. They love cool place to hide in your home. They can come from under baseboards, and like to hide in bathrooms too. If you have wood logs, tree branches and bark laying on the ground it is advised to rid these common hiding places.

Treatment: Should be Monthly/Bi-Monthly service, which will kill them and continuous treatment can keep them away.

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