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Got Springtails?

We can identify if they are Springtails and help find the water source, mold/mildew of where they are coming from. Once the source is found it will need to be corrected. These guys love to be around shade and moisture. On the exterior of your home breeding environments for them are places where standing water/moisture, mulch, wood chips, in shaded areas outside under pavers, under potted plants that are not raised up and in shade. Once the sun hits them they hide quickly because they cannot survive in the hot sun. The are very small and can get into screens and invade your home. They can jump 10 cm. If there is a leak inside a wall they can breed from there as well. Of course, the main source will need to be fixed before you can rid these Springtales. Once the source is corrected whether outside or inside the home now to tackle the ones that got in your home. If they are in your home you can easily vacuum them up and dispose of them in a bag and put into an outside receptacle. Vinegar will kill them and heat. If they are in drains bleach poured in drain then covered up and let sit for a few hours will take care of them.