Scorpion King Exterminating comes to you with 30 years of experience identifying and knowing exactly how to treat all your pest and rodent issues. Our hope, as your new pest exterminating company is to bring you peace of mind that we will keep your family, home, and property free of pests. No one wants to be stung by a scorpion. Did you know that crickets, roaches, and other soft-bodied insects are food sources for scorpions? We will always give you advice and tips if needed during our visits to aid in the prevention of all these formidable intruders.

A little about the owners. Eric, is one of the owners/operators, and is a veteran exterminator. He has worked in this field as far back in the day as when his father had an exterminating company many years ago in California. He has continued exterminating here in Arizona for the last 23 years.

Over the years, Eric has continued to educate himself, become certified, and worked hard for other companies while always having his dream of owning his own exterminating company. His dream has come true, and now he can put to use all of his 30 years of exterminating experience for you. Eric likes to educate his customers to keep them informed and safe in their home or business. He will be sure to leave no stone un-turned during his inspection of your home and property. He is thorough and will make sure to note what treatments he can or cannot do according to elements on your property. You will always be able to communicate with us.

I am Barbara, and I am also one of the Owners/Operator of Scorpion King Exterminating. I will happily schedule you, and take care of any administration needs to your future accounts. We know how we feel about keeping our own home clean, free of pests, and will always make sure we do the same for your home or business. You will have peace of mind you’re always dealing with an owner, and we will always put our best efforts toward keeping you a happy customer. Remember, your referrals are our best compliment, and don’t think it will go unnoticed. We are looking forward to working along with you on all of your pest control needs.

Very nice and honest people and excellent service! I feel safe knowing he used the 3 zone service.Michelle M.
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Eric and Barbara!

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Servicing all of the East Valley, Maricopa, Scottsdale, and Ahwatukee.

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