Scorpions and Cooler Temperatures

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As temperatures drop in Arizona, scorpions will hunker down in homes. Scorpions are rarely found in groups during the summer, but when the temp goes down, they group together in cracks or crevices within homes. It is common to find them in a base board, shoes, bags, laundry baskets, attics, and garages with storage areas. Basically, they could be anywhere. …

Attic treatments – Dust vs. Fog

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Dust Treatment is for crack and crevices. If a dust treatment is used in your attic it settles on your insulation, but not where it needs to be: in the floor boards where pests crawl and hide. Another danger is dust residual in the air. If you have it in the insulation, you’re breathing it too. A warning sign must …

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Be Patient And They Will Die

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Scorpions that run your perimeter walls every night is normal. We like when scorpions come out, sit on your block walls and take in our dried residual product. This guy died where he sat probably within a few hour or so. This is at a customer home we have been servicing for just a month so far. When Eric came …

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Water PH Levels & Pesticides for Optimal Performance

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We are very careful with PH levels and pesticide products. These elements are critical for maximum performance controlling scorpions, roaches, crickets, and other pests on your property. Here at Scorpion King Exterminating, we test-check our PH water levels exhaustively. We also use an outside water filter, as that will help keep the PH level right where we need it. There …

The Question: to stop pest control in the winter… or keep it?

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THE QUESTION: TO STOP PEST CONTROL OR KEEP IT OVER THE WINTER SEASON HERE IN ARIZONA? A very common myth is that scorpions just suddenly go away during the winter here in Arizona. Not true! Scorpions are indigenous to our Arizona territory – this is where they live. What is true is they like to go into hibernation in the …


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Cockroaches!!! They are ugly, gross, some even fly – yes fly! Inhale/Exhale…breath easy. We can help. These formidable pests carry diseases, and even if you see one trust me they have friends and family somewhere hiding. If left untreated you will have an infestation in your home. The cleanest of homes can get them. Roaches can hitch rides from the …

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Why is Service Agreement important?

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Mainly because a Service Agreement keeps our company accountable to be at your home depending on when you would like service. An example would be Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly. It also locks in your price for the particular time frame of the Service Agreement. It keeps it friendly. If you have a monthly Service Agreement in place and at some point decide you …

House Centipede

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This is a house Centipede. They are ugly and prehistoric looking, but did you know they love to eat all variety of house pests? They are insect carnivores! This type of centipede has a poisonous venom that takes out roaches, moths, flies and termites. They even take care of bed bugs! No one wants this in their house, it would …

Solpugid: The Enemy of My Enemy

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This is a Solpugid – aka the sun spider, camel spider. Solpugid are found here in desert areas and foothill areas. They don’t have venom, but they have mandibles that can put a hurting on you. Their mandibles are like scissors! They can get very large and can become aggressive if they sense fear. Their enemy is the Scorpion – …